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Directive 8140

Directive 8140 Training at New Horizons Orlando

As the transition from Directive 8570 to Directive 8140 begins, Orlando's dedicated government team is here to guide you along the way. The DoD 8140 model is based on the National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) standard. This model will define categories as well as job titiles more clearly.

New Horizons Orlando has the training expertise and capability to thoroughly train Department of Defense (DoD) personnel and contractors to comply with the very specific certification requirements of Directive 8140. The new framework allows for many different classes, certifications and formalized training to now qualify an individual as "certified" in that task.

Department of Defense Directive 8140

  • Information Assurance Compliance
  • Software Assurance and Security Engineering
  • Systems Development
  • Systems Requirements Planning
  • Systems Security Architecture
  • Technology Research and Development
  • Test and Evaluation

Specialty areas concerned with conceptualizing, designing, and building secure IT systems, with responsibility for some aspect of the systems' development. Courses could include, CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+, CISSP, and others.

  • Customer Service and Technical Support
  • Data Administration
  • Knowledge Management
  • Network Services
  • System Administration
  • Systems Security Analysis

Specialty areas responsible for providing the support, administration, and maintenance necessary to ensure effective and efficient IT system performance and security. Courses could include, CISA, Cisco IIINS, Cisco SENSS, CSX Practitioner and others.

  • Education and Training
  • Information Systems Security Operations
  • Legal Advice and Advocacy
  • Security Program Managemet (CISO)
  • Strategic Planning and Policy Development

Specialty areas providing leadership, management, direction, and/or development and advocacy so that all individuals and the organization may effectively conduct cybersecurity work. Courses could include, CyberSAFE, CISA, CISM, CISSP, CSX Practitioner, and others

  • Computer Network Defense Analysis
  • Computer Network Defense Infrastructure Support
  • Incident Response
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Management

Specialty areas responsible for the identification, analysis, and mitigation of threats to internal IT systems or networks. Courses could include, CyberSAFE, Cisco IIINS, Cisco SENSS, Cisco SITCS1 and others

  • All Source Intelligence
  • Exploitation Analysis
  • Targets
  • Threat Analysis

Specialty areas responsible for highly specialized review and evaluation of incoming cybersecurity information to determine its usefulness for intelligence. Courses could include, CEH, CSX Specialist, CyberSec First Responder, PAN, ECSA, and others.

  • Collect Operations
  • Cyber Operations
  • Cyber Operations Planning

Specialty areas responsible for specialized denial and deception operations and collection of cybersecurity information that may be used to develop intelligence. Courses could include, CSX Practitioner, CSX Specialist, CISSP and others.

  • Digital Forensics
  • Investigation

Specialty areas responsible for the investigation of cyber events and/or crimes of IT systems, networks, and digital evidence. Courses could include, CISA, CISM, CHFI, CSX Practitioner, and others