Certifications and Skills

  • Brooklyn Tech, Diploma Industrial Design
  • Microsoft Office Specialist-Master Level Certification (MOS)
Herschel Miller

Herschel Miller

“ What I enjoy about teaching at New Horizons. Never a dull moment. Each day I meet new faces all with various concerns and problems they are dealing with. Being able to help people feel more confident to face their challenges is fulfilling to me and I can see that by the end of the day they really appreciate the effort I put forth to help them. “


Mr. Miller has extensive Work experience (5 Yrs) with MS Office prior to employment with New Horizons. Prior to New Horizons of Orlando, Florida, Mr. Miller managed and trained the staff for the New York Public Library History and Social Sciences Departments. Mr. Miller built two Access databases for the New York Public Library, one for History and Social Sciences and one for the Online Services dept. He built two database 'Front ends' for the Materials Acquisitions office and maintained that departments Access Databases. Mr. Miller also built an Access database for the Jersey City Assembly Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in Jersey City, New Jersey. As an Instructor for New Horizons, he also built an Access Database for Technical Services at Universal Orlando. He created the Access Database for the front-end of the data entry program for the library's Materials Acquisitions Offices, History and Social Sciences Department and On Line Services Departments. He has also been sent to close to 100 companies as an instructor at New Horizons.

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